24 (Cape Town) and 25 (Johannesburg) July 2018
Evening seminar series - MAP, draft guidelines and Arbitration

2 September to 6 September 2018

Annual IFA Congress - Seoul (South Korea)

8 September to 13 September 2019
Annual IFA Congress - London (United Kingdom)

4 October to 8 October 2020
Annual IFA Congress - Cancun (Mexico)

29 August to 3 September 2021
Annual IFA Congress - Berlin (Germany)

9 October to 13 October 2022
Annual IFA Congress - Cape Town (South Africa)


Becoming an IFA Branch reporter

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Forthcoming congresses

2019 - London 
Subject 1 Interest Deductibility: the implementation of BEPS Action 4
Peter Dachs

Subject 2 Investment Funds 
Wally Horak and Talia Ben-David

2018 - Seoul (
Subject 1 Seeking anti avoidance measures of general nature and scope - GAAR and other rules
Albertus Marais

Subject 2 Withholding tax in era of BEPS, CIV's and digital economy 
Tiaan Koole

Past congresses

2017 - Rio (
Subject 1 BEPS and taking stock 
Annet Oguttu

Subject 2 The future of transfer pricing 
Louise Möller and Chris de Bruyn

2016 - Madrid (
Subject 1 Dispute Resolution Procedures in International Tax Matters
Andrew Wellsted and Jennifer Roeleveld

Subject 2 The notion of tax in international tax matters
Craig West and Johann Hattingh

2015 - Basel (
Subject 1 Tax Incentives on Research and Development
Barry Ger

Subject 2 The Practical Protection of Taxpayer Rights
Beric Croome

2014 - Mumbai (
Subject 1 Cross-border outsourcing – issues, strategies and solutions
Martie Foster

Subject 2 Qualification of taxable entities and treaty protection
Tracy Gutuza

2013 - Copenhagen
Subject 1 The taxation of foreign passive income for groups of companies
Deborah Tickle

Subject 2 Exchange of information and cross-border cooperation between tax authorities
Jennifer Roeleveld and Craig West

2012 - Boston
Subject 1 Enterprise services
Tracy Gatuza

Subject 2 The debt-equity conundrum
Craig West and Darron West

2011 - Paris
Subject 1 Cross-border business restructuring
Carel Cornelissen

Subject 2 Key practical issues to eliminate double taxation of business income
Johann Hattingh

2010 - Rome
Subject 1 Tax treaties and tax avoidance: application of anti-avoidance provisions
Lynette Olivier

Subject 2 Death as a taxable event and its international ramifications
Paula Baigram and Jennifer Roeleveld

2009 - Vancouver
Subject 1 Is there a permanent establishment?
Jennifer Roeleveld and Craig West

Subject 2 Foreign Exchange Issues in International Tax
No report

2008 - Brussels
Subject 1 Non-discrimination at the crossroads of international taxation
Liesl Kruger

Subject 2 New tendencies in tax treatment of cross-border interest of corporations
Jennifer Roeleveld and Craig West

2007 - Kyoto
Subject 1 Transfer pricing and intangibles
Owen Murphy

Subject 2 Conflicts in the attribution of income to a person
Mark Badenhorst and Michele Kruger

2006 – Amsterdam
Subject 1 The tax consequences of restructuring of indebtedness(debt work-out)
Ernst Mazansky

Subject 2 The attribution of profits to permanent establishments
Johann Hattingh and Basil Newton

2005 – Buenos Aires
Subject 1 Source And Residence: A New Configuration Of Their Principles
Ray Eskinazi

Subject 2 Tax Treatment Of International Acquisitions Of Businesses
Jennifer Roeleveld

2004 – Vienna
Subject 1 Double non-taxation
Wally Horak

Subject 2 Group taxation
Emil Brincker

2003 – Sydney
Subject 1 Trends in company/shareholder taxation
No report

Subject 2 Consumption taxation and financial services
Aneesa Baig, Cedric Harris, Ronald Scholten, Sadia Ismail

2002 – Oslo
Subject 1 Form and substance
No report

Subject 2 Transfer of residence by individuals
No report

2001 – San Francisco
Subject 1 Electronic commerce
Bernard du Plessis

Subject 2 Low-tax regimes & multinationals
No report

2000 – Munich
Subject 1 Hybrid financial instruments
Michael Honiball

Subject 2 Deferred remuneration
John Stanley

1999 – Eliat
Subject 1 Non-profit organizations
Beric Croome

Subject 2 Advance rulings
No report

1998 – London
Subject 1 Losses
Graham Richardson

Subject 2 Application of DTC’
Ray Eskinazi

1997 – New Delhi
Subject 1 Supply of technology
Bruce Cleaver

Subject 2 Investment funds
Willem Cronje

1996 – Geneva
Subject 1 Banks – permanent establishments
Stefan van As

Subject 2 Thin Capitalization
Wally Horak

1995 – Cannes
Subject 1 Financial Instruments
No report

Subject 2 Partnerships
Mike Adcock, Greg Ansermino, Gavin Noeth

1994 – Toronto
Subject 1 Interest
Marius van Blerck

Subject 2 Demergers
Pierre du Toit

1993 – Florence
Subject 1 Interpretation of DTC’s
Ray Eskinazi

Subject 2 Non-discrimination rules
Eric Louw